Clinical Study Demonstrates Nootropic Elixir Supports Cognitive Health

Whether considering higher-level executive functions such as multi-tasking or other cognitive processes like concentration and memory, maintaining cognitive and brain health are primary concerns in most adults.

Isagenix formulated Nootropic Elixir™ with a blend of ingredients that were carefully selected to deliver a broad range of functional benefits. This elixir’s multifunctional ingredients include green tea, beetroot, amla, purslane, and phosphatidylserine to support both on-demand focus and long-term brain health.

An independently conducted pilot study has evaluated the effects of Nootropic Elixir on cognitive performance in healthy adults, adding more scientific support for the benefits of this elixir.

Study Details

In the study, ten volunteers aged 30-65 completed a series of cognitive assessments after consuming one bottle of Nootropic Elixir. The study participants repeated the same series of cognitive tests after taking Nootropic Elixir daily for seven days. The cognitive assessments involved rigorous, standardized tests of mental performance that were administered through a computerized system. The purpose of evaluating cognitive performance after both a single serving and after a week of daily use was to determine the product’s immediate effect compared to consistent, longer-term use on these cognitive assessments. After seven days, the volunteers also completed a subjective questionnaire on various measures of wellbeing.

Study Findings

1. Nootropic Elixir and Working Memory

To determine the effect of Nootropic Elixir on working memory, researchers considered two tests. With both testing protocols, Nootropic Elixir significantly improved the scores of the subjects (ranging from 11-66% improvement).

2. Nootropic Elixir and Executive Function

After a single serving of the elixir, researchers reported a significant 8% increase in executive function. Executive function tests measure higher level, multi-tasking processes.

3. Nootropic Elixir and Concentration

Tests of mental concentration involved assessing reaction time and efficiency. There was a statistically significant 13% improvement in concentration after consuming the product for one week, with no effect observed after a single dosage.

4. Beneficial Self-Reported Effects of Nootropic Elixir

After seven days of Nootropic Elixir supplementation, subjects reported benefits including clearer thinking, more energy, less fatigue, and fewer bouts of sleepiness.

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