My Brain Loves Nootropic Elixir!

The picture above is how I felt BEFORE starting on Nootropic Elixir.

I’m beyond grateful that I live in a time that nootropics are having such a wonderful positive effect for people like me.

My story

In early 2017, I became severely ill with a bacterial infection that seemed to come from nowhere.

3 surgeries in May and a ton of the best antibiotics helped me survive the ordeal, followed by a flap surgery in October to close the wound that wouldn’t heal.

I felt grateful to be alive. I soon found out that the severity of the insult to my body had left me with my heart out of rhythm (AFIB).

It continued for the next five years until my afternoons were so exhausted, I could barely do anything. But as it turns out, the worst symptoms involved my crushed will to do much of anything. My brain had suffered at the hands of my goofed-up heart rhythm.

Many, many visits with Cardiologists made it seem like the goal was accumulating endless streams of data and no known solution.

That’s when I decided, on a particularly and uncharacteristically good day, that I’d had enough. If I didn’t advocate for myself, I wasn’t going to ever improve and get my energy back. Not to mention all the downstream & upstream organ damage would continue into my early 70s. That was last July, 2022.

The book

I ordered a copy of the book, “The AFIB Cure” by John D. Day, MD and T. Jared Bunch, MD. To put it succinctly, 350 pages of everything I needed to know that nobody was telling me. To date, I’ve re-read the book at least 10 times.

“In fact, every time a person’s heart shifts into AFib, the blood flow to their brain is compromised, meaning their brains are constantly being starved of oxygen. As a result, their brain may actually shrink, potentially putting them at risk of suffering from memory deficits, difficulties in language use, challenges in how their brains process visual images, and trouble paying attention.” – page 7, The AFIB Cure.

I requested a visit with a master electrophysiologist. I was scheduled for an inpatient Dofetilide (antiarrhythmic) “load” in December of 2022. During that three days in the hospital, the drug failed to turn my stubborn AF rhythm to normal sinus, so I was wheeled into another room for a cardioversion which did. Adding these “elements” did improve my number of Normal Sinus Rhythm days in the two months after, but it didn’t fully correct the problem. I still had AFIB days.

I was scheduled for an outpatient heart ablation in February 2023. It lasted 4 hours – and I’ve been in Normal Sinus Rhythm (NSR) since.

Is that the end of the story?

But, and as they say, this is a big but, my anxiety still seemed too present. While my heart was back on track and healing had most assuredly begun, I wasn’t out of the woods yet.

I had memory issues with the simplest of things. My concentration would last maybe 15 minutes and then evaporate into thin air. Focusing on projects I had already begun was extremely difficult. Maintaining enough concentration to finish anything was fleeting. I got half the dishes in the sink washed. I couldn’t remember my process to edit web pages. Frustrating!

Then I started taking capsules of Phosphatidylserine. It sort of helped. Then I tried a 10-bottle pack of Nootropic Elixir.

Wow! That’s what brain power feels like!

Now I’m encouraged every day I wake up and have another serving. Some days, I have two servings!

The synergy of raw elements in Nootropic Elixir seems to amplify the results and they are all good.

If you have any of the symptoms I’ve described in this post, I would recommend following my “path”. If You have AFIB, consider the book as the first step after deciding to advocate for a better situation.

But if you have the memory, concentration, and cognitive performance issues I had, please consider just trying a 10-bottle pack of Nootropic Elixir. Please let me know how it goes!

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